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October 17, 2019
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יצחק נחמד
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Moving to a new apartment? The house is being renovated and you are looking to upgrade the interior of the house? Of all the accessories and furniture, it seems that pictures are very important. Of all things, the open market presents a variety of images and most of them are also related to home design through the printing of glass images – a craft of thought. Want to create the warm and family atmosphere you have always dreamed of? If you have purchased all the furniture and you are still missing something it is time to choose the right pictures with the emphasis on the right space.

Selecting an image for the home –Home design using photos matching the image to the desired space 

Of all the pictures there are bigger pictures and there are smaller ones, the question is how do you manage to combine them? If we are dealing with a living room, since it is possible to concentrate them in different sizes in both the living room and the bedroom, the question is what is the size of the wall and what is the size of the space?

In addition to choosing the pictures, it is important to talk about the frame itself, but what is special is different frames in their color and shape. Choosing different shapes and colors as well as adding a hanging hook on which to place some clothes will definitely do the job and give the desired space the latest look in terms of interior design.

How to choose pictures for the bedroom?

Undoubtedly, the pictures have the ability to fit in great and contribute to the look of the house and provided that they are properly matched to the chosen space. For that matter, when talking about a bedroom, you can talk about an amazing hanging rope to which a variety of pictures will be captured – as mentioned, a rope that connects one end of the wall to another. The variety of photos that will be seen will be related to the amazing landscape, family photos and even photos from trips and different places.

Feel that you have an overly dominant wall? The wallpaper you chose is quite colorful? Here you will be required to stop for a moment and not load it with too many pictures but the most appropriate one. Choose to put more than one or two pictures? At this point you should choose empty frames or frames in the same color – it will surely reduce the attention from the colored wallpaper and will do the job on the best side.

Love something more creative? One of the most advanced and modern technologies deals with images that you design for yourself and here also comes the printing technology on the glass – as mentioned, the design of the living room and all the other rooms and the office using images printed on glass. Sounds like the variety is great? Indeed so and here it is important to choose the good that will blend as correctly as possible with the home design.

In conclusion, images are definitely the missing thing that can enhance the experience and make the design in the house something most perfect. So if you have already done everything and all that is left for you is to design the walls correctly, it is time to choose suitable images that will be aired correctly and beautifully on all the open spaces or alternatively will be lined with the walls on which one or two wallpapers are already found.



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